Our Community

The Central Neighborhood of Cleveland

Our community is known as the Central Neighborhood which is on the east side of the city of Cleveland. It is actually a collection of neighborhoods that lie mostly within Cleveland’s Ward 5. It continues to be a very welcoming area for our HeavenTrain ministries and we are blessed to be able to partner with the community to equip and empower the children and youth with the resources and opportunities to reach their potential.

  • North/South
  • Euclid to Woodland Aves, East/West
  • East 79th to East 22nd
  • Over 12,000 residents in 4,500 households
  • 42% of  the population is under 18 years old
  • Most live in CMHA-owned multi-tenant properties
  • The High School graduation rate is 13% lower than Cleveland
  • 56% of households have no vehicle available
  • Receptive to hearing a Gospel teaching.
  • Love & trust HeavenTrain and our volunteers